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  • I will apply second skin onto your tattoo (please let me know if you have any allergies to this)  **The bandage may start to look cloudy and like it is full of liquid, this is completely normal - it is just some ink and body fluids coming out and is a copletely normal part of the healing process**​​​

    • Please do not rip the bandage off like a bandaid!! You should take it by a corner and slowly peel outward, similar to how a command strip works​

    • You will keep this on for 3-5 days and you will take it off in the shower under warm water​​

  • Clean the tattoo with unscented antibacterial soap. Do not scrub or use anything that exfoliates. Pat dry.

  • Continue to wash the tattoo this same way throughout the entire healing process. (Twice a day should be good)

  • Apply a thin layer of Aquaphor once the tattoo is clean and dry. Maintain a thin layer of aquaphor on the tattoo for the first 2-3 days.

  • Repeat the cleaning and moisturizing process as needed, do not let your tattoo dry out.


  • Do not itch or pick your tattoo once it begins to peel. Peeling is normal and part of the healing process.

  • Never rub your tattoo, always dab it when cleaning or applying ointment/lotion.

  •   Avoid soaking your tattoo for two weeks. No swimming, sauna, hot tub, etc.

  • Do not over-moisturize the tattoo. Maintaining a thin layer is crucial.

  • Once fully healed, protect your tattoo from the sun to keep it looking fresh

*Remember, every body is different, and healing times can vary considerably. If your tattoo is taking longer to heal or you're experiencing unusual symptoms, contact your tattoo artist or a healthcare professional.*

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